Generally about Yorkshire Terrier also known as “toy yorkie”, “mini yorkie” and “micro yorkie”

History and early beginning

As you probably already know Yorkshire Terrier is very popular dog breed developed in 19th century in Yorkshire and cities around. Their main purpose was to hunt rats since farmers started moving from villages to larger cities.

Dog breeders liked the fact that Yorkshire Terrier is small in size and during the time they started breeding even smaller. In 1886. Yorkshire Terrier was recognized as a breed by Kennel Club. In early beginning there were only 300 Yorkshire Terriers registered but very quickly it became most popular breed in Britain. Not long time after it became also popular in the United States and went into top 20 breeds. They are very popular especially for people who like smaller dogs or dogs they can easily maintain in apartment.

It’s important to know that they are also called “toy yorkies”, “mini yorkies”, “micro yorkies” but there is only one breed known as “Yorkshire Terrier”.

Mini yorkies must weigh between 3 and 7 pounds and they are more popular than larger sizes.
If you lack a space in your apartment for large dog, teacup yorkie would be excelent choice for you. They are very intelligent, loving, loyal and they have strong attitude in protecting their territory.

Since they are very intelligent it’s easy to train them but it requires consistency and hard work.
Yorkies love to go for walks, they enjoy playing, running and they are very athletic. They also don’t like cold weather and should be kept dry and worm as much as possible.
They enjoy interacting with people, they need lots of love and attention. Also they’re long lived with life expectancy about 15 years.

Yorkie doesn’t require professional grooming but occasional trimming and grooming are neccessary to make him look trim and neat. Since they have hair and not fur they are not problematic for people with allergies.

Despite it’s size yorkie is excellent watchdog and you can easily train it to bark on command. They are also good familly dogs but they are bonding more strongly with mature people and older children then young children.

You really want to get a yorkie ?


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